YouTube Demo of Berlin in 3D for Google Earth–轉載自 Google Earth Blog


今天看到柏林的3D建築,真的如文章用的形容詞”fantastic! “,看完 YouTube的demo,我自已也下載到Google Earth飛了一下,還真是不好飛,我的設備真的要好好的升級了。


March 09, 2007

YouTube Demo of Berlin in 3D for Google Earth
The collection of 3D models from the City of Berlin released yesterday are fantastic! Over 44,000 buildings – nearly 10% of the city is available. So, I spent some time learning a bit about the city and created the following 5 minute video using Google Earth and the new 3D models (more details below). All kinds of interesting things to see, the video here has just a few highlights:

The Berlin collection is even better than the Denver and Las Vegas collections I demonstrated a few days ago. Read my story from yesterday for details on the Berlin collection or just download the link to see the buildings yourself inside Google Earth 4. These large collections of 3D models can demand a lot of resources. You should have a relatively new computer and/or a fast video graphic card (with lots of memory) if you want to see faster performance. In my video, I’m using a relatively new computer designed for 3D gaming.

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